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Season Volunteers
by posted 03/18/2019

Board Positions:

President-Treasurer  Kevin Krause

Vice President  Mike Kanaley

Secretary  Stephanie Abramson

Sponsorship  Kelly Heide



2019 Uniforms  Sally Ehrich

2019 Spirit Wear  Leslie Hogan

2019 Team Pictures and Senior Photos  Jodie Stallard

2019 Home Game Host  Varsity  Jodie Stallard

2019 Game Filming  Varsity  Kelly Heide

2019 Field set up/breakdown   Kristi Bond

2019 Home Game Host  JV  Vicki Griffin

2019 Team events/team dinners   Britton Norden

2019 Senior Night  Jenny Brouilette

2019 End of Season Banquet  Jenny Brouilette

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by posted 01/18/2019

8 Points to Becoming a CHAMPION


Confidence – You have to believe in yourself before you can achieve your goals.


Hard work – Even the most talented athletes would not get anywhere without lots and lots of hard work and practice.


Attitude – Don’t be a sore loser and don’t cheer when something bad happens to the other team.  Treat them with respect and they will do the same for you.


Motivation – Whether you have a sports hero –like Michael Jordon – or whether you just love to play the game, keeping your inspiration in mind will help you achieve your goals.


Preparation – Be prepared to face the challenges of the day, whether on the court or in the classroom.  Practice makes perfect!


Intense desire – If you want to win so badly you can taste it, it will give you an edge.


One for all and all for one – Stay loyal to your team and always put team goals before your own; remember, there is no “I” in “TEAM”!


Never give up – Never Give Up means that you keep trying until you achieve your goal.  No one ever got it right on the first try!

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Former All-American's Numbers Will Be Retired
by posted 01/24/2018

Shawnee Mission Girls Lacrosse


Players who have been awarded National All-American status will have their jersey numbers retired. 

These players have been awarded All-American, Academic All-American or Jackie Pitts Award:

2015  #1   Margaret Krause  All-American

2015  #21 Jennifer Young     All-American

2016  #23 Ashton Hess        Academic All-American

2017         Ashton Hess        Academic All-American

2017         Ashton Hess        Jackie Pitts Award

2017  #5  Callie Eldred         All-American

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